Your Memorial: Redirect

Your Memorial

While Your Memorial’s sophomoric effort Redirect isn’t all that bad of a record, it sounds like little more than a continuation of their 2010 debut Atonement. Though they made the right decision to lean a bit more toward a clean vocal approach, that fact alone can’t save the album. Yes, there are some quality tracks here to sink your teeth into, like “Shipwreck,” which not so coincidentally houses some of the album’s best guitar work. Unfortunately, those moments are, balanced out by more generic offerings such as the lackluster title track.

Speaking of that newfound affection for clean singing, Redirect shines when the clean/aggressive vocal dynamic comes to the forefront (“Trial and Triumph,” “Transform”). Though again, those positive returns are coupled with negative ones, such as the album’s confusing penchant for instrumental tracks (“The Substance of Things Hoped For…,” “…Evidence of Things Unseen”). It’s understandable that the instrumental efforts were included in order to add a bit of atmosphere, but for the most part they weigh down the album.

Honestly, outside of a few choice cuts, Redirect sounds rehashed and tired, but if you took the time to check out Atonement, then you’ll more than likely give Redirect a spin. But go into that experience with your expectations tempered – you’ll enjoy things much more that way.