Wonky Tonk: Love Detox 7″ (Leesta Vall Sound)

WonkyTonk-LoveDetoxWonky Tonk
Love Detox 7″
(Leesta Vall Sound)

Jasmine Lorraine Poole is the brainchild behind Wonky Tonk. She was born and raised in Covington, Kentucky where she fell in love with Loretta Lynn and admired the work of John Prine and Guy Clark. Later, the self-proclaimed cowgirl ventured into the music of Modest Mouse and Jenny Lewis. She blended all those influences and more into her alter ego music project Wonky Tonk. The shy but independent singer/songwriter released her debut album ‘Stuff We Leave Behind’ and gave us all a taste on how Poole deals with the cruelty of the world.

Building on the momentum of ‘Stuff We Leave Behind,’ Poole gives us this fetching 7-inch entitled ‘Love Detox.’ The single houses a pair of song – side A “Four Letter Word” backed with “Peter Pan From Brooklyn.” “Four Letter Word,” which features Poole and her acoustic guitar with reverbed vocals pouring her broken heart out until she’s emotionally drained. A haunting violin comes in on the chorus to push the emotion further, but it’s Wonky Tonk’s raw lyrical content that gives you chills and goosebumps.

The flip side follows the same path, starkness with a full band playing a funeral procession. The song, “Peter Pan From Brooklyn” is echoed by a wall of guitar feedback, echoed drum beats and a death rattle from a cello. Again, Wonky pours her heart out and keeps you hanging on her every word like you are watching a suspense thriller.