What Made Milwaukee Famous: Trying to Never Catch Up

What Made Milwaukee Famous
Trying to Never Catch Up

Listening to the debut from What Made Milwaukee Famous (and no, they’re actually from Austin), you get the feeling that you’re being let in on a secret that has yet to be shared with the rest of the world, like hearing The Shins years before every Garden State viewer was let in on the music or following Death Cab albums before the majors decided to sign the band. Trying to Never Catch Up has that same powerful vibe of originality and brilliant songwriting.

Discovered before they ever had a record deal by the producers of “Austin City Limits,” where they shared a stage with Franz Ferdinand, the band was snatched up by the tiny label that first signed Death Cab for Cutie. Though the album starts out slow, by the third track, “Hellodrama”, WMMF’s brilliance first starts to surface. The songs that follow are just as strong, ultimately giving the band one of the best debut’s of the year to date.

The only real downside to Trying to Never Catch Up is just how high the bar has been set for the band’s sophomore release.