Versus the World: Drink. Sing. Live. Love.

Versus the World
Drink Sing. Live. Love.
(Viking Funeral)

It’s 2007 again! Say what you will about Versus the World, but the band is certainly consistent.

Back after a seven-year hiatus, their latest, Drink. Sing. Live. Love., sounds a lot like their first record. Comprised of former and current members of Lagwagon, The Ataris and Crooks & Liars, Versus the World blends post-hardcore and melodic pop punk not that far removed from their other musical projects.

Lineup changes aside, little else has changed about the band’s music, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It sounds a lot like the music that was all over Fuse and MTV about five or six years ago. And while those outlets seemed to have moved on to hip hop, neo-boy bands and tasteless reality shows, the guys in VTW seem content to keep playing punk rock for skaters and their girlfriends… and that’s not such a bad thing, is it?