Various Artists: Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2

Various Artists
Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2
Vega Productions

It always helps to have a big name on a compilation CD to draw fans in. I would have never heard of the Minnesota Beatle Project if it weren’t for Soul Aslyum posting about it on their Facebook page.

I am thrilled to have pursued the CD further and discovered some truly great Minnesota artists covering trhe legendary mop top rockers on Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2 (Vega Productions).

Beyond the music, the Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2 is a collection of musicians coming together donating their time and talents to  help fund music and art education programs and put instruments and tools in the hands of young artistsand musicians across the state.

Along with Soul Asylum, who covers “Good Morning Good Morning,” the compilation features three-time Grammy winners Sounds Of Blackness covering a spirtual version of “Hey Jude.” The Meat Puppets featuring Alison Scott knocks it out of the park with a great rendition of “Tomorrow Never Knows,” and lesser known acts Total Babe (“Revolution”) and Lookbook (“Real Love”) do fantastic work on their songs respectively. And one can’t go through the singles without stopping at Pert Near Sandstone putting a bluegrass spin on the Beatles “I Am The Walrus.”

This is the second volume in the Minnesota Beatle Project and proving the concept works Edison High School was a 2010 grant recipient of more than 50 instruments for their students. In return, the kids are included on volume two with a rousing version of “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

All in all, Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2 has a great lineup of bands and songs, but, more importantly, the cause is just so worthwhile. Even if you don’t live in Minnesota, you can buy the collection online and support a great cause.