Van Halen: Live at Tokyo Dome

VanHalenVan Halen
Live at Tokyo Dome
(Warner Bros.)

The world is a better place when the mighty Van Halen is active and touring. The world is a magical place when Diamond Dave is at the mic. Abracadabra, it’s about to get all mystical up in here.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Van Halen’s very first live release ‘Live at Tokyo Dome.’ Nothing.

Being the first live album featuring their first (and in my opinion only) singer, the band did it right by releasing a full 2013 show recorded in Japan. No sweetening, no overdubs, no cherry picking tracks from various shows. It’s untouched. What the Tokyo audience heard we hear … warts and all … and it does not disappoint. Over (2) CDs (or four vinyl records), Van Halen takes its fans on a greatest hits journey through their David Lee Roth-led career and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The band is tight and the song selection is out of this world.

Sure, Dave’s vocals are a little raw at times, the band misses the occasional mark, but what you’ll find is an amazing collection of songs performed live by musicians at the top of their game. This release is proof positive that Van Halen is one of the greatest rock bands and that Diamond Dave is one of the greatest front men of all time. God bless Van Halen.