Valient Thorr: Stranger

Valient Thorr

Overall, Stranger is a record that sounds pretty rushed. Even though it has been well over two years since we had last had new music from Valient Thorr.Stranger is more of the same that Valient Thorr has done in the past – balls to the wall, straight ahead punk-infused rock music with no frills. These dozen songs are lingering in the ethers as you listen, doing nothing really to separate from each other. “Gillionaire,” “Disappear,” and “Vision Quest” are a trio of songs which garner merit – the hooks are worthy enough. It’s just too bad that the majority of the songs don’t offer much in terms of enjoyment – they all blend together and fill space. For the most part, the most exciting thing about Stranger is that this is a batch of new songs for their fans… and yeah, that’s really about it.