Urban Traffik: starring – Damien Guiden, Kojii Helnwein, Claire Blennerhassett, Clare Murray, (October Eleven/Feature Film Project)

Urban Traffik
Starring – Damien Guiden, Kojii Helnwein, Claire Blennerhassett, Clare Murray,
(October Eleven/Feature Film Project)

“Urban Traffik” is a thrilling exposé written and directed by Jason Figgis. The independent Irish film follows the dirty incestual dealings of underground human trafficking.

Dan O’Connell (Anthony Kirwan) is the mastermind of the Dublin operation and he has his daughter Alex (Kojii Helnwein) as the ring leader. She in turns brings in her boyfriend Adam (Damien Guiden) in to lure lost, homeless girls into his sleazy apparent where the girls are drugged and sent off to buyers.

Meanwhile, back at Adam’s childhood home, his sister Annie (Claire Blennerhassett) is the caretaker of their incapacitated father. Just when you start to feel sorry for the old man, who often pisses himself and can’t feed himself, it is revealed that he was molesting Annie throughout her younger years. He was also bullying his son. One day the siblings tired of his abuse, took him out back and gave him a severe beat down which gave him a stroke and left him in these dire straits.

Adam doesn’t understand why his spinster sister is taking care of their abusive father, in which she likes to watch him suffer. Her only outlet from taking care of her father is meeting up with her love, who happens to be Dan, the head of the underground trafficking and the father of her brother’s girlfriend.

When Adam stalks and lures a girl back to his place, her family sob story hits a little too close to home for Adam and he falls in love with her, which is a big mistake in the human trafficking business. In an already rocky relationship with Alex, Adam ends it all with her, even his job and in return Alex puts out a hit on him and his mistress. But when the police come calling to Annie’s house, she finds out the horrible truth and takes matters into her own hands.

“Urban Traffik” is a brilliant indie thriller, which keeps you on the edge of your seat to see what happens next. The masterful written story pulls you in and keeps you invested through the 82 minutes.