Upwell: No. 9 EP

No. 9 EP

Upwell is a four-piece band based out of Seattle with a driving, rhythmic, no-frills attitude. Their four-song sophomore effort is anchored by singer/guitarist Michelle Pavcovich and guitarist Steve Schneider. Upon searching for a solid bassist, multi-faceted Jack Endino stepped in for the album.

The four tracks are energetic tracks rooted with influences from the ’70s (Led Zeppelin, The Doors) mixed with influences of modern day Sonic Youth and Queens of the Stone Age. You could inevitably pin the “Seattle sound” to Upwell’s music, but you would only be getting half the truth.

No. 9 EP begins innocently enough with the title track as Pavcovich’s Janice Joplin-esque vocals kick in, followed by a thundering rhythm section. “Lotus” is a quirky little fun number that will be sure to get your feet shuffling about. The track is highlighted by haunting backing vocals.

The album ends with the most rocking number “Trite” that is a furiously paced number built around solid guitar playing.

Overall, Upwell has made a very strong EP that has rough edges, an excellent bass and drum combination and great lead singer that provides the kick in the pants that rock ‘n’ roll needs.