Turbo A.C.’s Pulling No Punches With ‘Kill Everyone’

TurboACs-ColorAlley_w288New York band The Turbo A.C.’s didn’t intend to let five years elapse between records, but then front man Kevin Cole became a punk rock pizza chef, you know it’s always the same story…

We’ll get more into that in a minute, but all you need to focus on now is that the Turbo A.C.’s are finally back with a strong new record, Kill Everyone and ready to bring their pretention free, high octane punk rock to clubs across the globe.

Cole spoke recently about Kill Everyone, the absence and his stint as the Joe Strummer of the pizza world.

Innocent Words: It’s been awhile since the last album Live to Win came out. What’s the band been up to?

Kevin Cole: Well not known to everyone, I’m also a bit of a chef. A few years ago I opened my own restaurant. My friend Jesse Malin from D-Generation, owns a bar here in NYC, the space next door to the bar became available and he asked me if I’d partner up with him and open a little punk rock pizzeria. It was awesome we had Arturo Vega who created the Ramones logo design our pizza boxes. We played really great music, we gave all our punk rock friends jobs; it was a really cool hang out. We stayed open until 5 a.m. blasting punk rock and selling pizza, what could be better?

We knew the rent was too high when we started, but we figured we’d be able to sell liquor using the license from his bar next door. Unfortunately we ran into some problems there and it took us a year and a half to even get a beer license. In the end I decided it was best to get out, I got an offer from someone that had a ton of money and had a vision to use the space to sell oysters and organic ale or some shit…that seems to be more the way that the neighborhood is going anyway. It’s not the same dangerous, dirty, Lower East Side that it used to be. So I bailed out and got back to work on Kill Everyone!

IW: Had you planned to take as much time off as you did?

Cole: Not really. I planned to take a year or so to get the place off the ground and then get back out on the road. Of course it didn’t work out that way. But then by that point the pressure was off. It wasn’t like being on the release album/tour/repeat schedule that we had gotten used to so we took our time and having a break was really good. We came back hungry, violent… and ready to kill everyone!

IW: Did you produce this one on your own?

Cole: Yeah, having done albums with Roger Miret, Blag Dahlia, and Billy Milano producing I learned a lot! I love producing. I produce other bands and other projects now as well. We may work with another producer down the road someday, but for this album… we needed to produce it ourselves. This is pure, and I couldn’t have anyone telling us to “dumb it down” or “make it poppy” or whatever.

IW: So what can you tell me about Kill Everyone?

Cole: I think Kill Everyone is exactly what the scene needs right now! I don’t know there’s a lot of boring ass bullshit out there. It leaves me pissed off… there’s so much music that’s saying nothing at all…like “oooh baby… I want to fly… in the sky…” or even worse straight up lying talking about “rioting” or “revolution” when they live at home with their Mom. Our songs are about the way it is, and way we are. I think a lot of people will be able to identify. We’re all outsiders and we want more out of life than these mainstream morons.

IW: It certainly has just as much energy as your earlier records, but the sound is a lot different as well. Was that a conscious decision?

Cole: Yeah, for sure. We smashed the old formula, melted down the pieces and built a chainsaw… massacre time! (Laughs) But really, I believe bands should evolve but still have to have integrity to their sound. We get that done on this album, a lot of cool surf guitar stuff, references back to old stuff. It’s a fun album, I think especially for old school Turbo A.C.’s fans.

IW: Where you listening to anything in particular while working on this one?TurboACs-CDCover_w288

Cole: Hmmmm, smack in the middle of making the album I was listening to a lot of late 60’s early 70’s funky ass soul like Kashmere Stage Band, love that shit. Not that you’re going to hear any of that on this – maybe in a couple bass lines – but you asked.

IW: Do you plan to tour much when this one comes out?

Cole: You know it!

IW: What’s the hardest thing about being a touring punk band?

Cole: Well, it all comes down to that one moment when standing there and you’ve got to look deep into your soul and ask yourself what’s it going be… extra crispy or original recipe?