True Blood: The Complete Second Season

True Blood
The Complete Second Season

I’m still amazed that “Twilight” has sucked up most of the vampire hype. Sure it has the tween-friendly sulking vampires, but when you stack it up against HBO’s own vampire series, the much gorier and far sexier “True Blood,” the very PG “Twilight” kids don’t stand a chance.

In the show’s second season, the allegory between Vampire rights and gay rights is that much more obvious, when an evangelical church preaches even louder for the destruction of vampires. The action also moves outside of the small town of Bon Temps, LA, and into Texas when Jason Stackhouse (the protagonist, Sookie’s dumb, impressionable, but ultimately good-hearted brother) gets involved with the mega church and their warriors for Jesus.

With most of the back stories from the debut season out of the way, the writers have greater freedom this time around to introduce more characters and to focus even more on outlandish plots, like the supernatural beast that seems to hypnotize all of rural Louisiana. The story lines are brilliantly creative and the characters certainly memorable, proving yet again how much potential this series has.

Compared to “True Blood,” anything else just… well sucks.