Treasures of the Who: By Chris Welch

Treasures of the Who
By Chris Welch

Former Melody Maker scribe Chris Welch has lived the life that the majority of rock journalists dream of, including yours truly. Front and center in the rock revolution in the mid-1960s, Welch toured the world with the likes of Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and The Who, the latter being the focus on his latest book – “Treasures of The Who.”

Considering the enormity of the generation-defining band, the hardcover book is pretty thin at 64 pages. The book briefly tackles the Who’s career from the early days in London clubs to rocking arenas. There are a few pages on each decade of the band, along with a few pages on each member. You’d think with the original lineup being together for 15 years, they’d deserve more than just a few pages of notes and pictures. Hell, the book barely broaches on the death of drummer Keith Moon and one of rock’s greatest bass players, John “The Ox” Entwistle.

The saving grace for “Treasures of The Who” is the little additions of replicated show posters, tickets, fliers, and you even get copies of handwritten letters from guitarist Pete Townshend. Not to mention the slip cover for the book is pretty fancy.

Diehard collectors of The Who will want Chris Welch’s “Treasures of The Who” for the little things they may not have seen before, but for the casual fan, you might want to dig deeper to learn more about one of the greatest rock bands of all time.