Traindodge: Torch EP+2

Torch EP+2
(No Karma)

To hear the Oklahoma-based Traindodge you would never guess they are just a trio. This band is powerfully strong with its driving bass, pounding drums and distorted guitars. Think Shiner and Riddle of Steel, with an element of DC in-your-face punk.

The Torch EP+2 are reasserted re-release of their debut EP plus two songs from their long-out-of-print Emblem Corners LP – hence the title. This band could be considered math rock due to their precise and well-timed syncopated rhythms. They hit their mark with every note.

Their songs explode off the disc like an erupting volcano, but the players also have the intelligence to hold back at certain moments to show of a more melodic side. For a prime example of this and what Traindodge is all about, just listen to the 11-minute opus “Cactus Flag.” This song is everything you will need to hear to get you hooked on this big band from the small surroundings of Norman, Okla.