TOUR BLOG: Mike Brown, Katy, and Billy Spring Tour 2017

Geneseo, New York-based singer/songwriter and old friend of Innocent Words, Mike Brown will be heading out on a Spring 2017 tour with his highway companion Billy and his girlfriend Katy at his side. The trio will be chronicling their adventures on the road and sharing them, along with photos on Innocent Words for a tour blog.

We are excited to have them on board, wish them safe travels and look forward to the hijinks along the way. (a GoFundMe page might have to be set up for Billy’s bail money, stay tuned).

Billy has been prepping hard for the last couple months for this upcoming west coast tour. Mailing the tour posters out today. Billy will also be writing a tour blog for my friend Troy Michael over at Innocent Words magazine starting sometime this coming weekend. Dates are up on my music page, and I’ll post something here later tonight. See you guys soon! — with Carla Jordan, Troy Michael, Katy Lancaster, Marko Shafer and Janis Rollins Logan at Temperamental Recordings.


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After a bunch of cleaning and packing we’re off to the West Coast for a month of shows. First show is Friday in Redding at Vintage. Billy is very excited to get back out there.

Billy is excited to be entering Pennsylvania. He told me he wants to visit the Yuengling factory. I told him there wasn’t enough time. Now he’s upset…

Short lived trip though PA. Now that we’re in Ohio, Billy wants to fish for whales. Luckily it’s not Sunday when it’s illegal. I also reminded him that it’s not legal to get the fish drunk here either.

A cheap red motel room somewhere in Ohio. The Kalamazoo feels at home.

Soooo anyone ever been to a Fricker’s?

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Just crossing over into Indiana. Billy is refusing to pay the $3 fine due to his “puppet show” under the Act to Prevent Certain Immoral Practices. We will be getting through this state as quickly as possible.

Now in Illinois, where there is a $1,000 fine for beating rats with baseball bats in Galesburg. This is comforting to Billy since he says he often feels like a rat in a cage.

Stopped thru the other Geneseo real quick. The museum was already closed. Billy still requested to have his picture taken. How could I say no?

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Billy thinks we crossed over into Iowa, but it’s hard to tell with all the dead bugs on the windshield. He also reminded us that kisses may last for no longer 5 minutes in this state

Billy is resting now that we’ve entered Nebraska. If we happen to decide to grab a beer during our time in this state, there better be soup available too. That’s the law.

Billy wanted to visit where he came from. Apparently he had family in town. @ Lincoln, Nebraska

Katy has very good posture at the zombie themed burger place in the middle of Iowa. Seems right.

I wandered into this town 15 years ago for a beer and just wound up here again by chance. Nothing has changed.

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DAY FOUR: THE GREAT PLAINS – Snowed In At Buckhorn Bar & Parlor, Wyoming

We’ve reached Wyoming. I told Billy that he might want to lose the hat since it’s illegal to wear a hat that obstructs people’s view in a public theater or place of amusement.

Stuck in a snow storm in Laramie Wyoming. When I was in my early 20s I broke down on the same pass we just barely got over between Cheyenne and Laramie on Saint Patrick’s day. I walked in a total white out until sun up. I honestly thought I’d die that time. Tonight we’ve made the responsible decision to stay until morning and attempt getting to Redding. Luckily, this town has one of my favorite old bars in all of the USA. It could be worse.

We’re standing here, we’re debating whether the intense rumbling is either an earthquake or just the crappy EDM party happening above us. Either way the light fixtures, ceiling, floor and walls are shaking. Moving really…..

View from the back of Katy’s head.

After barley making it out of Wyoming and into Utah due to the insane storm, Billy would like a glass of wine and a good meal. But according to Utah law, he must ask for the wine list in order to actually be served wine.

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DAY FIVE: Bonneville Salt Flats.

Billy is checking out the clouds as we pass into Nevada. Maybe he’s daydreaming. Or maybe he’s wondering why it’s still legal to hang someone for shooting your dog on your property.

Managed to get a cheap room for the night in Winnemucca Nevada. I love cheap old gambling town motels. Billy agrees.

We are driving through the mountains in Utah listening to Soundgarden. It’s breathtaking here. I love it. But it’s also a sad day and that adds some bitterness to the drive.

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DAY SIX: California – Gig #1 & 2, Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant 

We made it to California. Where in Arcadia, peacocks always have the right of way when crossing a street. Billy said this was a good time for a group shot. We agreed!

Billy hanging out in the Shoe Tree.

In the last five days we’ve gone from the 70’s in Geneseo to a snowstorm in Wyoming to the desert in Nevada. Now this. The mountains of Northern California. I love it up here. But no time to linger too long. Tonight is show No.1 of this tour. I’m ready to play some songs. See you guys at Vintage in Redding 8pm tonight!

Second time we’ve randomly ended up at this place. It might be our random favorite.

First show of the tour happening at 8pm pacific time! If you want to see the Facebook live videos, please follow Mike Brown’s music page @mikebrownamerican

Billy enjoying the show at Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant

Back off! That wine belongs to me Billy.

Second show starting at Vintage Wine Bar at 8pm!

“Now I’m fine here, up in Gibsonville”

Fixing up old cameras while the laundry dries. Looking forward to shooting some actual film again.

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DAY SEVEN: California – Gig #3 & 4

Today is a double header for Mike! 2-4 at the The Acoustic Den Cafe in Roseville CA, then 8pm at Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco CA.

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DAY EIGHT: California, Gig #5 – The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles

Tiny Tabasco

Otterly adorable!

This old lighthouse is sadly in really bad shape. It’s still pretty beautiful though

Headed down into Los Angeles tomorrow for a show at The Hotel Cafe. 7pm. I hope to see some familiar faces. But tonight it’s strange old bars in Paso Robles.

Mike’s old stopping grounds. The 101 Cafe.

Billy is ready for the show at the Hotel Cafe

Sometimes Billy is not very helpful loading out gear…I think he’s trying to take a nap.

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DAY 10: Gig #6 at Rips, Phoenix

On our way out of Palm Springs this morning I spotted this for sale in an antique/junk shop. Guy said it didn’t work, but I’m fairly certain it’s the output jack. The capsule looks good. 20 bucks later I have a Desert fresh 1952 Shure 55S. Billy is super into it.

Billy decided it’s too hot to wear his hat today, while crossing over into Arizona. He likes all the cacti. I told him not to cut any down because he could get 25 years in prison if he does.

Billy has been doing a pretty good job helping out with the garmin so we can attempt to save some data (as I post this from my phone…)

Billy and Lee waiting for the show to begin!

“The phantom pain, it lingers for songs for seven fingers”

Phoenix, Williamsport, Rochester, Geneseo unite!

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DAY ELEVEN: Gig #7 St. Elmo Bar & The Quarry in Bisbee, Arizona

We made it to New Mexico. Where idiots may not vote. I’ll just leave it at that.

In the thick of it.


Our home for the evening.

Mike hangin with Marty Moose.

“He said run red run oh baby, run red run”

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DAY TWELVE: Gig #8 Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House in Pinos Altos, New Mexico

Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House

Home for the last couple days.

Waitin on a friend

Buckhorn Saloon

Aaaaaaand we’re back in Bisbee. Arizona’s Smallest Bar.

Marty showed up to see Billy.

Billy is making friends.

“I’ll hold on to you if you hold on to me”

Last minute day gig back at the Quarry!

Copper City Saloon LLC.

The stock exchange.

Strange spaces in unexpected places.

This town is magical.

Broken Spoke Saloon

Copper Mines and deserts

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DAY THIRTEEN: Taos, New Mexico

Walked into a coffee shop earlier today on the way out of Silver City. Walked out with a late 1930s Oahu Tone Master lap steel. It’s the random things that makes these tours so special.

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DAY FOURTEEN: COLORADO: Ziggies Live Music in Denver, Colorado

Colorado. Where in Aspen, catapults may not be fired at buildings. We better watch Billy closely.

I wish this photo came close to what we are actually seeing

Roadside shrines.

Someone’s really excited for the show…can you see who?

“The secret to loneliness is being alone”

Glad this old place is still standing.

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DAY FIFTEEN: COLORADO: Gig #12 & 13, Deerhammer in Buena Vista, Colorado

Spelling. Not a strong suit here at the Gunsmoke Cafe.

Collegiate Peaks Overlook.

Back at Deerhammer in Buena Vista. Love this place.

Billy loves Deerhammer

Post show/pre show drink. Playing this lovely place tomorrow.

So sad we missed pimp and ho night. But the summer schedule looks solid.

Male plus.

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The kids are helping Mike with sound check

Mary Jane’s last dance

Springs Downtown Bar & Grill Glenwood Springs, Colorado

An old friend.

Spent the day in Glenwood hot springs pool. Built in 1888. Not much has changed. Perfect day off from shows. This dude sitting on the edge of the pool also seems to really be enjoying it.

Glenwood hot springs daytime.

A long way down

It’s a long way to the top.

Or you could take the elevator.

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