Tori Amos: Live from the Artists Den

Tori Amos
Live from the Artists Den
(Artists Den)

Starting in 1991 with her smash debut album Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos was on top of the music world. You couldn’t turn a page of a music magazine or turn on MTV or VH1 without seeing something about her.

She had a strong cult following which dubbed themselves “Toriphiles,” and they still exsist today, maybe just not in as big of numbers. Large in part to a female following, it seemed Amos’ star would never stop soaring, but like many muscians of that decade, her star did start to fall towrd earth and leveled off spinning around her long time fans around the turn of the century.

With her legion of fans, Amos has continued to release albums, nearly 15 in her career, and put on live shows for her adoring followers.

In somewhat of a “thank you” to those fans, Amos played a very special private solo performance for 100 fans in the Veterans Room of New York’s historic Park Avenue Armory. “Live from the Artist Den” captures Amos in all her solo glory, just piano, a keyboard and a microphone running through 12 songs, some classic Amos and some newer material.

Amos sounds absolutely perfect in this small setting in the historic room, her voice is as strong as when she began and her emotions still spill from her lips without any regret.

Amos does a fine job peppering her set with a song or two form nearly every album, even though the majoirty of the set is post 2000. However the biggest applause comes for Amos when she breaks out numbers from her glory years like “Black Dove” off of From the Choir Girl Hotel; “Lust” and “Concertina” from Boys For Pele; “Bells for Her” from Under the Pink; and of course “China” and “Girl” from Little Earthquakes.

I was surprised she didn’t play her “hits,” after all this show was for 100 special fans. What surprised me more was that the fiery redhead had little to no interaction with the audience. She just played her songs one after the other until the set was over. There were snippets of interviews between some songs, but overall, she came off like a poor host or like she was forced to be there.

No bones about it, “Tori Amos: Live from the Artists Den” sounds phenomenal and the production values were flawless, but there wasn’t much personality to this show.