Tommy Stinson: One Man Mutiny

Tommy Stinson
One Man Mutiny
(Done To Death)

There’s a lot going on here. The Ex-Replacements, Soul Asylum, Guns N’Roses bassist has crafted a pretty interesting album that brings together a multitude of styles which, on paper, wouldn’t seem to work together. But, somehow, they do.

Stinson kicks off One Man Mutiny with the garage rocker “Don’t Deserve You,” which could have been an early Kinks’ tune or something found on a Flamin’ Groovies record. From there he shifts gears into an almost Primal Scream-ish/Mancunian-style raver called “It’s a Drag.” Across the remainder of the 10 tracks he ventures into alt-country, classic country, power pop (ala Fountains of Wayne), takes a swipe at mid/late 90s college rock (ala Semisonic and Gin Blossoms) and does his best to channel Bob Dylan on the title track. Strange, huh? Yet, it works.

Stinson’s voice is strong, clear and engaging. The album is well-produced as well (by Phillip Broussard Jr.) And, at only 35 minutes, the album is over in a snap. But, on the bright side, the short run time means you don’t have to wait too long to start it all over again.