Thorcraft Cobra: The Distance (Plaza Bowl)

ThorcraftCobra-DistanceThorcraft Cobra
The Distance
(Plaza Bowl)

Classic rock and power pop had a kid, named it Thorcraft, and man, did that brat know how to write a song!
On their second record, “The Distance,” Thorcraft Cobra (honestly, a wasted name that could have gone to a deserving stoner metal band) churns out nine strong, jangly pop nuggets with nods to everyone from The Foo Fighters and Jellyfish to Sloan and Cheap Trick. Made up of Billy Zimmer (from Brown Eyed Susans) and Tammy Glover (from Sparks), the duo play a perfect blend of radio-friendly rock that makes you wish that radio still played radio-friendly rock music.

There are no weak tracks here, but the band is at its best when it blends the male/female vocals on a song like “Caught in Between” or “Serenade the Silence.”

“The Distance” is supposedly a concept record based loosely around Abraham Lincoln, but as standalones, every single song here is an example of simply great songwriting with strong hooks and a knack for big choruses, regardless of what they are singing about.