Therefore I Am: The Sound of Human Lives

Therefore I Am
The Sound of Human Lives
(Equal Vision)

The Sound of Human Lives is at its best during its moments of clarity – memorable instances when Therefore I Am sound fresh and identifiable (“No Face in the Crowd,” “You Leave”), although those adjectives could sparsely be used to describe the rest of the record. Most of it comes off as generic and somewhat tepid (“My Father, the Fatalist”).

The Sound of Human Lives shines throughout its two expansive instrumental pieces (“The Sound of Human Lives,” “A Face in the Crowds”). These tracks show off what propensity for layered musicianship the band possesses, even if their song structures aren’t always successful. This is an altogether gritty effort, one built around unyielding waves and sweeping guitar swells (“For the Sake of Sin,” “It’s No Wonder Why”). Bits and pieces of The Sound of Human Lives flourish, but when you bring it all together you get a record, albeit comprehensive in sound, that doesn’t have much replay value. It does have its quality tracks (check out the opening call to action “Death By Fire”), but you will have to skip around to get to them.