Thee Sgt. Major III: The Idea Factory

Thee Sgt. Major III
The Idea Factory
(Spark & Shine)

The Fun Factory would be a more apt title for this incredible disc from former Fastbacks member Kurt Bloch’s new band Thee Sgt. Major III.

It’s Seattle’s punky-garage goodness at its finest! Even the “down” songs sound happy, so on the crappiest of days, this would be the feel-good record to spin to lift your spirits. You will be giddy right from the start with the jaunty “As I Do.” Leslie Beattie’s vocals are upbeat, spot-on, and somewhat reminiscent of Biff Naked, another longtime Pacific Northwest punk stalwart. “Everything is New To Me” is the Go-Go’s with a punk edge and fun. All the songs are short, sweet, and tight, and oh so good with great guitar work.

Bloch fans will absolutely go crazy for The Idea Factory and all it’s happy, gritty, crunchy punk-pop groove. If you’ve not had the pleasure, acquaint yourself with other projects by this amazing artist. There are no real standout tracks because the whole album is delightful, but the final track, “All I Know” might have a slight edge on the others with the pleasant harmonies and melody. Like the entire album you will have a feeling of satisfaction you have when it’s over.