The Vladimirs: Serpent Girl (and songs to shed the skin)

The Vladimirs
Serpent Girl (and songs to shed the skin)
(Blood and Guts)

It is only appropriate that Blood and Guts Records would be the home of the underground band the Vladimirs. The Cincinnati-based group has been a mainstay in the horror punk movement for quite some time now. Echoing influences of such acclaimed bands as the Misfits, The Horrorpops and perhaps Danzig, this three-piece bellows out throaty vocals mixed with distorted six strings for a haunting effect. Using dreadful themed lyrics as their backbone, these guys write songs that could give Mike Myers or Freddie Kruger the heebie jeebies. If you are into the comic book meets scary movie genre of music, the Vladimirs could very well suck the life out of your stereo system.