The Traditional: The Queen of Heaven (Anchor Eighty Four)

The Traditional
The Queen of Heaven
(Anchor Eighty Four)

With the fad of music heading toward pop country and singer/songwriters with acoustic guitars, it’s no big surprise there is a portion of the music scene that rebuffs that trend. However, in attempt to buck the movement of bearded crooners, music is now embracing emo rock…again.

Buffalo New York gives us the three-piece emo rock outfit the Traditional and their debut EP ‘The Queen of Heaven.’ The six-song album is full of energy in its raw and emotional format, with tracks such as “Kerosene,” “Parlez-vous Francais,” and “Thirty.” But where the Traditional veers off the emo path is that they have a lot of aggression, not only in sound, but in lyrical content. At times they sound like Deftones or Sevendust rather than a “traditional” emo band.

Anthony Musior (bass, vocals); Michael Bienias (guitar); and Jon Coric (drums) have a tight sound with nice guitar tone, and the production is slick, but there is room to grow here. You can be emo without being so angry.

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