The Summer Set: Everything’s Fine

The Summer Set
Everything’s Fine
(Razor & Tie)

With Everything’s Fine, the Summer Set has effectively toned down the pre-pubescent snarkiness and shown they have the ability grow. Not to say that the Summer Set are close to a different band, because they still employ those elements that first made us all fans – relatable boy-meets-girl style lyrics executed with punchy, bouncy guitars and soaring choruses. Everything’s Fine ultimately feels sonically comfortable even though there are subtle hints that this band knows how evolve.

There are times throughout Everything’s Fine which  have you thinking the Summer Set has been listening to Jason Mraz a little too much (“Thick As Thieves,” “Mona Lisa,” “Love to You.”) It is still an album full of the Summer Set being the Summer Set whether they are flexing their pop sensibilities, writing your new soundtrack to summer, or sweeping ballads.

If the Summer Set was ever going to make it in today’s copycat scene, they needed an album like Everything’s Fine. The band needed something to separate themselves from the candy-coated also-rans. While they might not ever escape inevitable comparisons, at least, now they might find themselves one step closer to being a band held on their own merit.