The Streets On Fire: This Is Fancy

The Streets On Fire
This Is Fancy
(Currency Exchange)

The Streets on Fire’s debut album, This Is Fancy, is a fun, gritty rock record which thankfully does not take itself too seriously. Just look at the lead-off track’s title, “No One’s Fucking to the Radio,” and you know you are in for a light-hearted, entertaining treat. It’s no wonder these guys are from Chicago, as they realize the necessary rock ‘n’ roll components for a good time.

“No One’s Fucking to the Radio” is the kind of in-your-face, lo-fi track that any band would kill for to start out their album. And hey, let’s admit, they’re only speaking the truth here. You’re not going to find much on your radio dial, unless we are talking about online radio, and in that case, the possibilities tend to feel like they are endless.

“Hello, From Eastern Europe,” while it may be a ridiculously-titled single, is a dark and broody track that evokes some of the harder rocking acts out of the ‘70s. While “Fancy” sounds like an undiscovered ‘60s garage rock track as distorted guitars fade in and out over pounding drums. “Color/Stereo” echoes with waves of guitars as distorted vocals swirl around.

The Streets On Fire are not messing around on This Is Fancy. This is straight-up, menacing rock. The band’s sound may lean towards the darker side of things, but on their raw debut album, The Streets On Fire still manage to have fun while rocking your face off.