The Sleeping: Questions & Answers

The Sleeping
Questions & Answers

The Sleeping present an unpredictability on their debut, whether it be guttural primal screaming, erratic time signatures, or breakdown-style start-and-stop musicality. “Don’t Hold Back” opens the album purveying the sheer mastery these guys have over their own music. Current single “Loud & Clear” is the song that is getting the band recognition. It is powerful and energetic. This is straight-ahead, balls-out rock music. You can call it emo, or even screamo, but in the end it is really good hard rock music.

The Sleeping is probably more for an eclectic musical ear than a conventional emo listener. The changes are abrupt, the guitars are loud, the vocals are off the wall, then calm, then sporadic again. Vocalist Douglas Robinson really makes this record shine. He is the reason the release sounds so polished.

The best thing these guys have done is dedicate the record to fallen friend John “Beatz” Holohan, former drummer of Bayside, who we unfortunately lost to a van accident. The song “Heart Beatz” is about him, as well.