The Silos: Florizona

The Silos
(Sonic Pyramid)

The Jayhawks, Uncle Tupelo and BoDeans may be among the acts most closely associated with alt country, but the New York, by way of Florida, band The Silos were one of the genre’s pioneers.

Florizona, the band’s 10th studio album, is as solid an introduction for the uninitiated as any. The 10-track album, includes three new members, but has always been better associated with founder and front man Walter Salas-Humara regardless of who was backing him up. Florizona has plenty of crunchy guitars and a faint nod to country, but you can’t help but hear the band’s influences on every single song. Gram Parsons and Tom Petty play a big role, but even a song like the “Teenage Prayer” sounds like it was liberated from a Meat Puppet’s album.

The album themes are pretty obvious just a few tracks in, reminiscing about teenage years, hooking up and getting high. It’s probably unfair to accuse the band of co-opting the sound of those who came after them, but you can’t help but realize groups like The Jayhawks, who followed in the footsteps of The Silos, actually pull it off a little better.