The Phantom Family Halo: When I Fall Out

The Phantom Family Halo
When I Fall Out

Though using the term “halo” may imply some type of solid angelic quality,When I Fall Out tends to lean more toward the “phantom” aspect of music. In short, The Phantom Family Halo has managed to compose an album of interesting and progressive songs that holds us to its own standards.

When I Fall Out is not for everyone. But, for the audience that appreciates the different directions a band can explore and recognize the creativity behind the efforts, this is a definite pay off. With an incredible range of ability, each track is different in its own way: some make us think of David Bowie, some echo Chris Cornell and others create images of musical paradigms.

Though full of growth, there is still an undercurrent of under-achieved potential hidden in When I Fall Out. It seems as if the band knows it is playing well, but is also aware that there is afurther level they could explore. This does not distract from the music but, rather, creates anticipation for what they can compose next.

The Phantom Family Halo may be singing of falling out, but an open-minded listener will easily fall in to the tempest of creative they have produced.