The Paper Chase: God Bless Your Black Heart

The Paper Chase
God Bless Your Black Heart
(Kill Rock Stars)

With their third release, the Denton, TX outfit The Paper Chase has stepped into the spotlight with a new release and a bigger label to back them. Prior to God Bless your Black Heart the band was on two small indie labels and their noise rock sound was lost amongst the sea of mediocrity. The Paper Chase is somewhat off kilter with their style of in your face rock. Blending melodic piano pieces with the schizophrenic back beat of drum and bass, the band blurs the edges coloring a picture completely of their own.

God Bless your Black Heart is deafening even on this well mixed CD. I would love to see them live just for this reason alone. The has all their chops down in the right place cultivating unrefined rhythms with a vocal attitude.

Whether the Paper Chase are rattling your ear drums with a punishing rhythm section or adding in pieces of piano, horns and strings, they bring it loud and bring it with plenty of attitude.