The Nightowls: Royal Sessions (Super Sonic Sounds)

Nightowls-RoyalSessionsThe Nightowls
Royal Sessions
(Super Sonic Sounds)

The Austin-based band the Nightowls has hit its stride with the new EP, ‘Royal Sessions.’ Recorded in the Royal Studios in Memphis, the record has a newer, more unique sound than their previous ‘Fame Sessions’ and ‘Good as Gold.’ It’s as if they found grandma’s secret recipe… you mix a little bit of funk with a little soul and a whole lotta rhythm and blues, and you get this delicious treat.

Ryan Harkrider, the Nightowls frontman, could serve us that musical recipe at our next summer house party, and he would be sure to get everyone up dancing. The opening track, “Right Around the Corner,” is reminiscent of New Orleans parades with its big horns and sweet background vocals, while smoother cuts like “Clean it Up,” with its trippy electric guitar, is 1970’s “Shaft”-era soul. It’s that smooth.

For dessert, play the last track, “Don’t Wanna Leave You Lonely,” loud, and the Nightowls will have you grooving like the first time you heard Al Green. Some traditions must be kept, and lucky for us, the Nightowls chose the best ones to be inspired by.

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