The New Year: The End is Near

The New Year
The End is Near
(Touch & Go)

Brothers Matt and Bubba Kadane’s second album The End is Near is filled with sleepy, lush-filled ballads that some say is very reminiscent of their previous band, Bedhead. I’m not too familiar with Bedhead, but I know that back when Bedhead first came into being in the early nineties, critics termed the music the Kadane brothers were playing as “slo-core” (a label the Kadane brothers are probably irritated with by now), which is best described as a slow, melancholy version of dream pop. It seems that, by acquiring a new name, the brothers would want to stray from the stylistic workings of Bedhead, but in reality the music is similar to their previous band, which is not bad for listeners who have recently discovered the Kadane brothers. Regardless, they play music well, in spite of the monotony and the name change.

The End is Near is a mellow album that brings forth the sad and melancholy face of the world. The first song (and by far the best one) tells an apocalyptic tale over alternating guitar lines while Matt Kadane sings. Nothing on the album compares with the first song – although the other songs don’t fail, they just aren’t as smooth as the first. Sometimes Matt Kadane’s voice waivers in an awkward, adolescent way as in “Age of Conceit,” but it is still charming all the same. The bedroom pop feel comes out in such songs as “18,” but is ruined by the four-minute, dragging instrumental drawl. The End is Near is not the best sad, contemplative album, but it will do when you have run out of depressing albums to listen to and all you want to do is lie in bed with your head under the sheets.