The Melismatics: Mania!

The Melismatics

Minneapolis has one of the most respected music scenes in rock history. The city has spawned some of rock’s most influential musicians (Prince, The Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum and on and on) and still has a thriving scene. With so many great bands to draw from, you can’t help but wonder what the guys and girls in The Melismatics were listening to growing up.

If Lady Gaga decided to start an indie pop band I’m pretty sure it would sound a lot like The Melismatics. Even with the highly talented John Auer (The Posies) producing their record Mania! the result is still just an underwhelming collection of tracks that sound like a band shooting no higher than attempting to bring back the spirit of Soft Cell and the Human League. The synth-backed, robotic-delivery from the band just sounds sterile and devoid of emotion (“Smoke and Mirrors” is the probably the only exception). This is not a band you could imagine carrying on if the fuse were to blow out in the club they were playing.

My advice to the band: Pick up a copy of Prince’s Purple Rain, The Replacements’ Tim and Soul Asylum’s Hang Time give it another shot.