The Loved Ones: S/T

The Loved Ones
(Jade Tree)

The Loved Ones self-titled EP is a quick but good album. The first song, “100K,” begins the EP with a faster paced rock rhythm. Dave Hause’s energized guitar rifts, along with Mike Sneeringer’s up-tempo drum beats, definitely set the tone for the rest of the album. This vigor is carried on to the next track. “Chicken” has quick transitions from a slow breakdown to sudden music pick-ups, which make the sound more interesting. Hause’s voice sings out with raw, nasally vocals, which are common to punk rock albums. Towards the end of the track, the music is cleared out, the vocals are over-dubbed with an offset lyrical synchronization, and the emotion behind the song’s theme of a failed relationship is more clearly understood. The passion in the songs remains consistent with the longest song on the album at 3:54, “Massive.” Michael Cotterman’s distinct bass (sound) combined with Hause’s (raw) vocals and heavy guitar give the track its angry attitude. The repetition of the lyric “I keep on coming back” seems almost like a pissed off self-reflective. Contrasting with this is the song immediately following, “Drastic.” The switch to acoustic is refreshing, and it still holds a lot of emotion. With lyrics like “They pushed us all right to the edge, and they left us out here on this ledge” being repeated passionately, it’s hard not to become invested in the song. But the album finishes off on a more light-hearted note with the song “Candy Cane,” which is the most poppy sounding song on the EP.