The Life and Times of Tim: The Complete First Season

The Life and Times of Tim
The Complete First Season
(HBO Home Video)

You’d think with “The Simpsons,” three offerings from Seth McFarland and every other show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, we’d have enough adult cartoons by now. But HBO’s “The Life and Times of Tim” shows we have room for at least one more.

With animation reminiscent of the old, crudely drawn “Dr. Katz” series from Comedy Central, “The Life of Tim” packs more humor into the average 15-minute episode than either “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy” have all season long. There are no long drawn out plot lines or gags that take an entire episode to set up, just one hilariously awkward scenario after another. The show is actually more akin to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” then other cartoon shows.

Created by Steve Dildarian, the show revolves around Tim and his live in girlfriend in New York. Through a series of escalating misunderstandings, like the hooker in his living room or supposedly being molested by a homeless man, Tim constantly has to explain his actions to others.

After a long wait, the show is finally back on HBO and this two-disc collection is a good refresher course on what to expect.