The Lesser Birds of Paradise Space Between

The Lesser Birds of Paradise
Space Between

In the tradition of Iron & Wine or Nick Drake, Space Between by The Lesser Birds of Paradise is a great lazy Sunday afternoon record. The Chicago trio is made up of Mark Janka, Greg Thomas and Tim Joyce who scale back on their fourth effort. The songs cater to Janka’s sweet and sometimes hushed vocals over lush guitar plucking. On occasion, the band will throw in drums and bass, but most notably there is the haunting ambient soundscapes that muddle across the background to give the songs much more texture.

The 13 tracks register in at just under 50 minutes with each cut grabbing you by the heartstrings and pulling you in. Janka is a terrific songwriter that has simple, yet loving stories to tell amongst the musicianship. If you are looking to get away on a warm Sunday afternoon or forget about a hard day’s work, The Lesser Birds of Paradise’s Space Between is the perfect prescription to loose yourself and float amongst the clouds.