The Knack: Rock & Roll is Good For You: The Fieger/Averre Demos

Knack-250The Knack
Rock & Roll is Good For You: The Fieger/Averre Demos

This is a nice package and not what I was originally expecting. Sure it is titled “demos,” but I was imagining I’d find fully formed, full band recordings showcasing the evolution of The Knack. Not so, my friend. Here you have 16 very intimate recordings from Doug Fieger and Berton Averre dating back to 1973. It really showcases the genesis of this spectacular writing and recording partnership.

Most of the songs are just guitar and vocals, with a few being full band recordings. It’s endearing to hear early versions of “Good Girls Don’t” and “That’s What The Little Girls Do.” In addition, I found myself picking up on riffs and hooks in various demos that ultimately were reworked into other songs. For a fan, that type of familiarity draws you in to the work and makes you cherish it more.

In closing I can’t say it much better than the final paragraph of the press release which accompanied the review copy: “The Knack ‘Rock & Roll Is Good For You: The Fieger/Averre Demos’” is a fascinating look at how Doug’s partnership with Berton helped steer a course from a more progressive 70’s sound to the power-pop The Knack used to break disco’s hold on the airwaves with 1979’s “My Sharona.”