The Januariez: Authentic

The Januariez
(Epochalyptic Media)

It’s amazing how fast things become “retro” these days, as sounds and fashions only a decade old are now quickly pigeon holed into pop culture categories. Authentic, the full length debut album from Seattle power punk funk trio The Januariez captures the nineties rock aesthetic drawing instant comparisons to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, and Mr. Bungle in their heyday. Brilliantly produced by the iconic Jack Endino the ten song set captures the raw power of vocalist/lead guitarist J-kNee January and her one woman rock crusade. J-kNee’s songs of angst and rage shoot straight from the hip, dealing with tough subjects of sexual and substance abuse along with love, life and death. Pile driving drumming from Reno punctuates every shout with a vast array of spicy fills that twist and turn musical corners without notice. The radio ready track “Dying Man,” kicks into gear, sounding like Gwen Stefanie fronting The Cult. The title track is sure fire California skate park fervor straight out of 1997. The albums classic ska punk closer delivers the simple message every band wants to send these “Shut Up and Listen.”

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