The Heck: Waiting in Line b/w Why? 7″ (Dirty Water)

The Heck
Waiting in Line b/w Why? 7″
(Dirty Water)

Singer/songwriter and guitarist Henri Keefman has long history in music with his previous bands de Kaufman and the Miracle Men. He is also half of the current duo Sensational Second Cousins with his, yep, you guessed it, his cousin.

Now, Keefman launches yet another project, the ’60s garage punk inspired trio The Heck. The Netherlands-based band, which features René Katerbarg (bass) and Erik Berends (drums) cull from a wide palette of influences including the Seeds, the Pagans and Dead Moon and the Outsiders.

London-based Dirty Water Records signed The Heck and is now unveiling their debut single with “Waiting in Line” b/w “Why?!” 7-inch to give fans a taste of what’s to come on their full length to be released later this year or early 2018.

“Waiting in Line” is a bombastic A-side delivering raw power featuring Keefman wailing vocals and Berends’ crashing drums. At 1:42, the song is short, but packs enough punch to put you on your ass. On the flip side is “Why?” The song is equally as powerful, but features more rhythm than its predecessor. Keefman’s in your face screaming suggests early Mudhoney.

This 7-inch is a robust introduction for The Heck and leaves you looking forward to the full length.