The Green Pajamas: Green Pajama Country!

The Green Pajamas
Green Pajama Country!
(Green Monkey)

The Green Pajamas are probably the most famous band you’ve never heard of. The band formed in 1984 and has famously shunned major label attention, remaining a true indie band these last 26 years. Over that time, they’ve released 29 albums. They came to some prominence in 1994 when Chicago’s Material Issue had a hit with their cover of The Green Pajamas’ regional hit “Kim the Waitress.”

Green Pajama Country! is just that … a country album, done Green Pajama style. The alt-country influences abound and mix with the garage pop the band is known for. What you get is a nice middle of the road album, just as comfortable in your CD player as it is in your iPOD. It doesn’t seem to ask for much or demand your attention. It just is and it leaves you with a satisfied feeling when it’s done. The band too seems to be comfortable putting out material that pleases them first and foremost … and that’s nice. There’s something to be said about a genuine effort, something that is not forced, canned or packaged. Long live The Green Pajamas.