The Flywheels: I’m For the Flowers (Mystery Lawn)

The Flywheels
I’m For the Flowers
(Mystery Lawn)

In 2017, any band that offers their debut album in both electronic AND vinyl form deserves major street cred. And thus we should kneel to The Flywheels’ for their release of ‘I’m For the Flowers’ and for embracing the sharing of music in any possible way (minus 8-track, apparently). Though founding member Eric Scott went to the Great Stage in the Sky in 2016, his voice, spirit, and words live on in one of the year’s best Neapolitan albums.

Neapolitan? Yes, just like the ice cream: more than one flavor all wrapped into one convenient box. ‘I’m For the Flowers’ is a one-stop shopping album of the music world. There are so many different influence and forms on this disc that it’s like listening to the radio on the SCAN button. Not only does the music pull a shape-shifting Mystique trick on us, it is flawless, consistent, and just plain good. A little fun, too.

Even better, it’s just casual and breezing enough (even in its Hole-like moments), that it transcends both locations and mood. Whether you’re ticked off sitting in the park or feeling happy in a traffic jam, ‘I’m For the Flowers’ plays into that. The Flywheels don’t solve problems, they don’t lessen a bad mood, they don’t relate to your turmoil and lift you above it—they simply play a spectrum of good music for people who are in an all-encompassing musical state of mind.

The funhouse tour has all the markings of a variety of genres. Sure, there’s the tell-tale, free range gliding guitar (of different types), banging drums, and echoing vocal range that are the hallmark of indie music, but this is merely an umbrella under which The Flywheels share so many different sounds. These guys have packed fifty years of music styles—using the machinations of their own musical tastes—onto this first album. Joan Jett? Chrissie Hynde? George Harrison? Debra Harry? Space Hogs? John Lennon? Hoobastank? Veruca Salt? Incubus? Yes, yes and yes again. Punk? Southern Rock? Psychedelic? Amateur night at the coffeehouse? Check, check, check.

These twelve songs offer a better musical buffet on one disc than you would find on most late-night Time Life infomercials. There are so many flavors here; there’s a party in our ears and everyone’s invited. ‘I’m For the Flowers’ is just that and more: it’s for the Byrds, the Beatles, the Pretenders, the Eagles, the Phish, the Atomic Kittens, the Counting Crows…You get the idea. Now, go get the album.

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