The Fixx: Beautiful Friction

The Fixx
Beautiful Friction

You’ve got to hand it to The Fixx. With their first album in nearly 10 years, the classic line-up is back intact, and they’ve come back fighting. Formed in 1979 as The Portraits, The Fixx came into their own in the early-mid 1980s with a string of three phenomenal albums. They quickly established themselves as a college radio juggernaut on par with U2 and Simple Minds.

Now, with Beautiful Friction, The Fixx is back and ready to reclaim their place on the charts. Leading off with the majestic “Anyone Else,” the album immediately pulls you in and doesn’t let you go too soon. The album features one engaging track after another and showcases a band at the top of their game. Cy Curnin’s vocals are better than ever and are not showing signs of aging. Several tracks (“Just Before Dawn,” “Second Time Around,” and especially “Follow That Cab”) transport fans back to an earlier time, as each could easily have been included on 1984’s Phantoms.

I love it when an established band rediscovers their mojo. Often, the product is more aggressive and passionate than wahen they were young and hungry. Perhaps they overcompensate. Perhaps they’re just excited to tap into what made them who they are. I don’t have that answer. All I know is that I appreciate it, especially when it comes from a band like The Fixx; as it underscores that they are still relevant and still have something to say.