The Explorers Club: Grand Hotel

The Explorers Club
Grand Hotel
(Rock Ridge Music)

ason Brewer ,founder of the South Carolina sextet The Explorers Club, had two goals for their second album Grand Hotel – create a musical travelogue, akin to checking into a hotel filled with interesting activities, feelings and emotions. Secondly, make a lot of people smile, to inject some positivity into the world.

The 15-song set on Grand Hotel, the second album from the group, does all that and more. Mixed by Mark Linett, who has worked with The Beach Boys, Paul Simon and more, the album is features stunning production that is more than a tribute to the classic  sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. It is a revitalization of the genre.

Each song features impeccable vocals and clever arrangements full of vintage sounds captured with modern finesse. The infectious “Run Run Run,” is an ear worm of the first degree, and “Anticipatin” rocks with fire of a lost gem from The Four Seasons catalog. You will swear it actually is Herb Alpert jamming with the band alongside the electric sitar on the instrumental title track. The Latin tinged “Weight Of The World,” convincingly invites you to fly away to a beach side resort and forget all your cares. The album’s closer “Open The Door,” is an epic ballad that finds Brewer and Co. doing their best Roy Orbison and challenging us to simply “open the door and let love it.”

Grand Hotel may prove to be one of the important albums of the year as it could be the catalyst for everyone who secretly loved the cotton candy pop they heard as kids on A.M radio and the record collections of their parents.