The Elected: Sun, Sun, Sun

The Elected
Sun, Sun, Sun
(Sub Pop)

The Elected is the side project of Blake Sennett, guitarist of Rilo Kiley. Sun, Sun, Sun may be the album that takes away the “side project” status of this band and turns its multi-faceted leader into a man of two equally tall hats.

Let’s start with the title track. Possibly the most intriguing and raw song, it has a charming singer-songwriter feel with the sparse instrumentation of a quiet guitar and a piano part that repeats fluttering riffs on successively higher octaves. It’s at once like a nursery rhyme in its beautiful simplicity and a heartbreaking tale through its lyrics of pain and outgrown love.

The attention Sennett pays to weather and how the sun, rain and rainbows affect people’s moods and reflect their emotions carries several songs on the album. These songs, which loosely comprise the first half of the Sun, Sun, Sun, could form the hippie style, while a slightly twangy, country, small-town sound characterizes the other half. “Did Me Good” is a veritable indie blues tune, complete with a husky, drunken talk-sing break. Sennett’s delicate, young falsetto is usually light and whispery, but at times it becomes possessed with emotion and flies off the cuff with regret or ecstasy. “Not Going Home” is hands down the hit single here, with a full rock sound, heartfelt (if familiar) lyrics, and emphatic build. The Elected deliver many alt-country, lush California sparkles here – but then again, with three suns in your sky, you’re bound to get some prolific rays of light.