The Elected: Me First

The Elected
Me First
(Sub Pop)

If you keep up on your music trade magazines you’ll notice that there’s a small trend of musicians using side projects to visit and recreate that California sound of the ‘70’s. Me First falls in with that trend, and falls in nicely at that.

The man at the helm of this project is Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley. Under his guidance we are given perfect pictures of dreamy sunny afternoons and dusty back roads in cut off jeans and perhaps some beers in the trunk. Peppered sparingly are some modern tricks such as some mechanized loops and synth noises that lend a now vibe to the proceedings. The Elected also flirts a bit with the Elephant Six regime with some trippy horns and psychedelic treatments.

What seems to hold this record back from being phenomenal is the constant use of the same spacey reverb on the vocals for a good portion of the tracks that keep it from becoming completely intimate. But the initiative to shift genres tastefully is the strength. You get that dusty American sound with touches of full blown country-stomps and even ‘70’s pop.