The Dustbowl Revival: Self-titled (Signature Sounds)

The Dustbowl Revival
(Signature Sounds)

Venice, California-based band the Dustbowl Revival roll deep; like Arcade Fire deep. All eight members clearly serve a vital role as the band has managed to turn in one of the most exciting records in years regardless of genre by deftly mixing soul, Americana, swing, bluegrass and the funkiest brass heard outside of the French Quarter.

From the very first line, a knowing “Aw yeah,” bellowed seconds into the opening track “Call My Name,” the band grabs your attention and doesn’t give you a reason to stop listening for the next 45 minutes. Along with having an amazing collection of musician to prop up the music the key to The Dustbowl

The Dustbowl Revival features dual singers; Liz Beebe bringing a soulful/jazz vibe and Zach Lupetin, with the perfect pipes for Americana. The dynamic duo trade off duties fronting the band with masterful results. One moment Beebe has the dancefloor crammed with a number like “Good Egg” and just a few songs later, Lupetin is tugging at your heart with “Got Over.”

The Dustbowl Revival has been gigging around Los Angeles for years, pulling in accolades and crowds with each show. This eponymous self-titled effort proves they are ready to take on the rest of the world.

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