The Davenports: Why the Great Gallop?

The Davenports
Why the Great Gallop?
Mother West

Brooklyn-based indie brain trust The Davenports emerges with their third full-length release, Why the Great Gallop? Picking up where 2005’s Hi-Tech Lowlife left us, this latest diverse collection of songs carries the band’s torch of earnest, yet ironically blunt lyris, accompanied by often lush sonic arrangements, bordering on “orchestral pop” territory. It’s a sweet, catchy, yet substantial album of modern indie pop that encourages you to do what few other artist’s work of its ilk encourage you to do – listen again and discover what you missed the first time. The mind of leader Scott Klass is sharper than ever on this 12-song, half-hour journey. Klass spins tales of family, friends, uncomfortable relationships and circumstances without beating you over the head with the obvious.

Continuing their exploration of the complexities of subtlety, The Davenports’ attention to detail throughout Why the Great Gallop? is unparalleled.  Even the most cynical of listeners will find it difficult not to have a melodic brain freeze after sampling tracks like “Christopher Starts” and “You Can’t Drink Anymore.” Klass’s earlier days with Chris Collingwood and the pre-Fountains of Wayne outfit Small Town Criers influences are clearer than ever on the bouncy-mid tempo “Hanging Out with Dave.” Although undoubtedly all-American throughout, the Brit-spiced chords of songs like “Figure Me Out,” “Reprise” and “Thinking About you, Maryann” could make even McCartney long for the rights.

For thoughtful power pop that isn’t afraid to stretch its wings, Why the Great Gallop? cements The Davenports as a band to trot along side for as long as they choose to ride.