The Creation: Action Painting (Numero Group

The Creation
Action Painting
(Numero Group)

The Creation was a blip on the UK music scene in the mid/late 1960s. Produced by the legendary Shel Talmy, they remained a musical footnote with tiny flashes of recognition throughout the years. Alan McGee formed the band Biff Bang Pow (a tip of the hat to the band’s song of the same title) and later founded an influential UK record label and named it after them. Paul Weller expressed his love of the band including references to the band on the inner sleeve of The Jam’s ‘All Mod Cons,’ but, it wasn’t until “Makin’ Time” appeared on Wes Anderson’s soundtrack to “Rushmore” in 1998 that the band landed on musical radars on a more widespread basis.

Now, Numero Group is releasing the complete studio recordings of the Creationon a 2-CD set, all 38 tracks – remastered from the original tapes by Talmy and given fresh stereo mixes where previously unavailable. In addition, the set includes four songs from the pre-Creation freakbeat quartet the Mark Four. The accompanying booklet provides additional color and background to a band many of us don’t know much about.

According to legendary producer Talmy, “My biggest regret is that they didn’t achieve the standing they should have. I truly believe they could have been as big as the Who.”

He makes an interesting point, but it is unfounded. As definitive and enjoyable as the CD set is, it is understandable why they had the career that they did. Simply put, the Creation was doing in 1966 what the Who had pioneered a year earlier. Their earliest recordings follow the same pattern and sonic qualities to what the Who’s Pete Townshend and comapny had already snagged as their own. Sure, the Creation’s tracks are fun to listen to, but one can’t help but hear what they were channeling and find themselves divested and redirected to the catalog of the better band.