The Corner Laughers: Poppy Seeds

The Corner Laughers
Poppy Seeds

We have all seen the commercials on TV for the Kids Bop discs, hearing a load of nameless, fresh-faced tweens belting out the latest flash-in-the-pan hits. Border-line annoying and over-the-top cheesy? Yes. Secretly addictive? Yes. Though having waved good-bye to prepubescence long ago, The Corner Laughers has managed to carve a sound in this genre, but on a level beyond the Tooth Fairy and visits to the mall Santa.

On Poppy Seeds, the listener hears enough sugary music to warrant the dentist on speed-dial. But, being composed and shared by a group of fun-loving grown-ups, there is an odd appreciation within the saccharine sounds. The twelve songs on this album do not so much dumb the listener down to an elementary level, but offer a removal from the hassles of adult life. Giving us not quite an escape, but, much like the last season of “Lost,” an intriguing side-step from reality. The music itself will not allow us to stray too far from our lives, sounding more like a tune from the nap-time rug than an epic solo at a sold-out stadium, but immediately conjures images and feelings of yester-year and warmth of happier times.

Undeniably, this is a fun album. There is nothing on it to depress us with broken hearts, nagging relationships, or lost chances; those seeds would never grow. Instead, these tuneful flowers reek of both childhood and permeates with youthful carelessness and freedom. Take a deep breath, relax and remember to take the time to smell the poppies.