The Coral Sea: Volcano and Heart

The Coral Sea
Volcano and Heart
(Hidden Agenda)

The Coral Sea is a beautiful indie pop band that blends 1960s sunshine melodies with clever arrangements of classical string orchestration on their debut. The record sets the tone very well with its upbeat polished music driving the song “Look at Her Face.” The album dances around the talents of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Rey Villalobos, who is the main ingredient to The Coral Sea. Villalobos writes bittersweet stories of girls, flirting and failed encounters. With the opening track there is a lilt of hope in Villalobos vocals, but as the tracks click off, his mood turns somber, like watching a relationship break up in slow motion.

Villalobos has a lot of soul and he is not afraid to bare it for all to hear on these elevated dreamscapes, masterfully arranged and wrapped in a pretty melancholy bow.