The Beautiful Sunsets: Coal Miners & Moonshiners

The Beautiful Sunsets
Coalminers & Moonshiners
(Global Seepej)

The earnest traditions of Guthrie and Seeger meet the gritty swagger of Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams in the form of The Beautiful Sunsets and Coalminers & Moonshiners.

From the Pacific Northwest, The Beautiful Sunsets deliver tales of America. This Seattle-based six-piece marry uncomplicated charm and humility with cavernous consequence on Coalminers & Moonshiners. This collection of songs is lyrically as much a sociocultural travelogue of a hopeful, yet misguided young America in its Industrial Era as it is a reminder of how history has a tendency to repeat itself in its tireless oppression of the American Dream’s biggest fans–the working class. This album is an ode to U.S. past and present, drawing sketches of blue collar yesteryear heroes and spoiled hipster Postindustrial martyrs.

Dreamlike and angsty, Utopic and rational, Coalminers & Moonshiners showcases The Beautiful Sunsets’ noteworthy, often familiar folk melodies, propelled by rich harmonies and intelligent lyrics that transform and transcend each time you listen.