The Beatles: Rare and Unseen

The Beatles
Rare and Unseen

As a long time fan of the Beatles, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review “Rare and Unseen.” The DVD promises interviews, early footage, and the “real story behind the official version” of the Beatles. The interviews include old managers, friends, other musicians who performed with them, and others.

Unfortunately, these “interviews” are more like blurbs. To some degree, the interviews come together, to tell a story, but “Rare and Unseen” is more of an hour-long advertisement for the band that few need to be convinced to love.

On the other hand, this DVD does have a lot of first-hand testimony from people who worked with the Beatles. There are people talking about how the early shows went, talk of the evolution from the Quarrymen to the Beatles, and other first-hand tidbits.

For the avid Beatles fan, this DVD contains several diamonds in the rough. The video footage (home movies, photos, concert fliers) is more interesting than the interviews for much of the DVD. If you’ve only heard the Beatles, but don’t know much about the band or where they came from, this DVD is for you.