The Beach Boy:s Pet Sounds: Classic Albums (Eagle Rock)

beachboy-petsounds-classicalbumsThe Beach Boys
Pet Sounds: Classic Albums
(Eagle Rock)

By now, most folks recognize the Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’ (1966) as one of the greatest albums ever written and recorded. It’s just that. There are no surprises anymore. That album is a part of our everlasting musical fabric and deserves to be celebrated.

The “Pet Sounds: Classic Albums” series is a presentation that provides an interesting look at the making of the album. The Classic Album series is wonderful in getting into the nitty gritty backstory of known albums and pulling back the curtain on how they came to be. Featured here are interviews with Brian Wilson and other members of the Beach Boys and the Wrecking Crew, the group of session musicians known for working with Phil Spector and the Beach Boys.

There are really no surprises here, as the album has been so well documented in the more recent past. But, it is a great primer for those just discovering this groundbreaking album.